Lincoln Square’s Snow Day

This afternoon at lunch time, I decided to go for a walk around Lincoln Square to see what the storm had wrought.  Residents were slowly going through the paces of clearing side walks and a few parents were playing with they kids who got a snow day today.  To my great surprise though, a few businesses actually managed to stay open.

As I got to the corner of Lincoln and Wilson, I noticed that not only were there people in the Daily, but it was packed!

Daily Bar and Grill the afternoon after the 2011 Blizzard

Snowpocalypse?  Snowmageddon?  SNOMG?  Who cares, let’s shovel and then go grab a beer.

Later on in the evening I went for another tour of the neighborhood with some friends of mine.  As we walked down Giddings, between Oakley and Leavitt, we came across a truck, with a plow blade no less, that got stuck in the middle of the street.  When we came across the truck, there were about half a dozen people trying to push the truck out.  By the time we managed to get it out, a good 15-20 minutes later, it had become a neighborhood project with a good 15 people involved.

Major storms like this are definitely a hassle, especially if you need to drive anywhere.  However, they always serve as a nice reminder that we are a community.  It’s always on days like this when I see neighbors chatting, helping shovel each other out, and rescue cars from the drifts.

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