Hey Ravenswood Students, Listen Up!

Well this is your chance to speak out on an exciting public school proposal aimed right at you.  Next fall Lane Prep may get an early Christmas gift: What educators call a gifted middle school at their prestigious college prep school .CPS will soon give thumbs up or down on what educators call an academic center. You might think the school you are in is an academic center.

Common sense, right?

Well, adult brains don’t always work that way. This particular academic center puts the best and brightest 7th graders and 8th graders on the fast track to top high schools like Lane.  If you get in the proposed middle school- and stay in, you are automatically in the fast lane to Lane Tech.  One-stop school shopping.

As Lane Principal LoBosco sees it North Siders deserve the same option South and West Siders already have.  The big decision makers at CPS want to know if the community supports this.

Your parents may have signed one of the thousand names on a petition drive going on.

But what about YOU?  You’re the ones who may go there. Here’s a crash course in Civics 101. Circulate your own petitions. Start with 5 trusted friends. See if they can find 5 more, then take it to the streets. Write posts to us here at WellesParkBulldog or letters to the newspapers. WE ALSO WELCOME ALL COMMENTS OR PETITIONS WITH A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW. Above all be fair. No phony signatures or pranks. If you are accurate, honest and transparent, this alone could spark a revolution in Chicago politics.


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