Patti to Schulter: How long does this have to gush?

Former IL first lady Patti Blagojevich (Ravenswood Manor) posted a YouTube video, according to the Chicago News Coop, asking Ald. Eugene Schulter (D- North Center) why a water main break at Campbell and Wilson remained after three days.

Schulter responded that he wasn’t aware of a water main break and besides, the Blagojevich’s live in the 33rd ward.

The main break location, however, is located in the 47th Ward, across from Waters School.

Noting he knew nothing of a water main break in the 47th Ward near Waters School, Ald Eugene Schulter noted the caller, Patti Blagojevich, is not a resident of his ward anyway. Credit: Pblagojevich, via YouTube

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One thought on “Patti to Schulter: How long does this have to gush?

  1. The same thing happened a couple months ago on Campbell closer to Montrose. I called 311 and Alderman Schulter’s office–it took a couple days before they fixed it up. Maybe the whole main is ready to go.

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