Ravenswood candidate fund-raising filing

Democratic candidates are easily out classing their Republican and Green Party opponents in fund raising, according to filings this month with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The semi-annual filings, combined with statements by candidates for Congress filed with the Federal Elections Commission, only looking at candidates that reside in or represent the Ravenswood area were examined.

They show Democratic Party candidates held more than $10 million at the beginning of the year while Republican candidates held just over $9,000. The Republican candidates were unable to make up ground during the year, raising just $38,384.40, considered by some political analysts to be insufficient to even run a single aldermanic challenge.

Democrats meanwhile, raised $6,519,206.55 in the past six months, the reports indicate.

Even Democratic candidates running for 2011 municipal elections raised more than the combined total of the Republican slate. Aldermen Patrick O’Connor, Eugene Schulter and Richard Mell raised $94,716.26.

Only one aldermanic challenger, Ameya Pawar in the 47th Ward, filed a campaign report. He raised $8,857.98 in the last six months.  In addition to Pawar, the 40th Ward will see Jason Honig challenge O’Connor.


On Hand 1/1/2010 Raised 1st half 2010 On Hand 6/30/2010

David Ratowitz * $- $53,939.00 $4,597.00

US Congress IL 05. Challenger.

Matthew Reichel * No filing

(G-Andersonville South)

US Congress IL 05. Challenger.

Mike Quigley * $134,729.00 $1,140,940.00 $321,467.00

US Congress IL 05. Incumbent.

* Federal candidates filing from Federal reports.


Lisa Madigan $4,143,847.09 $491,124.13 $4,434,234.43
(D- St. Bens)

Illinois Attorney General, Incumbent

Steve Kim (R-Northbrook) $3,820.73 $23,260.23 $15,917.77
David Black (G-Belvidere) No filing

Christopher Pedersen (Independent Conservative- Joliet No filing

Bill Malan (Libertarian- Chicago: Tri-Taylor) No filing

Louis Cotton (Constitution- Sorento) No filing

Adam Robinson $3,662.75 $9,746.50 $8,857.59

7th Illinois Senate District, Challenger

Heather Steans $148,808.72 $108,422.53 $41,952.22

7th Illinois Senate District, Incumbent

Ann Williams $43,586.53 $130,904.79 $15,281.21
(D-North Center)

11th Illinois Legislative, Candidate

Scott Tucker $- $2,503.33 $823.65
(R-Roscoe Village)

11th Illinois Legislative, Candidate

Forrest Claypool $- $726,175.00 $533,201.58
(I- Graceland West)

12th Cook County Commissioner (running for Cook County Assessor)

Joseph Berrios (D-Chicago: Cragin)
Committee to Elect Joseph Berrios (Assessor) $79,750.82 $858,079.94 $67,699.07
Friends of Berrios (MWRD) $61,333.58 $506,003.86 $202,313.00
Citizens for Berrios (State Rep) $128,906.60 $23,700.00 $13,532.60
Joseph Berrios, 31st Ward Committeeman $122,267.26 $1,800.00 $3,716.42
Berrios TOTAL $392,258.26 $1,389,583.80 $287,261.09
Robert C Grota (G-Logan Square) No filing

Sharon Strobeck-Eckersall (R-Evanston) No filing

John Fritchey $122,235.56 $49,145.00 $74,133.83
(D-DePaul West)

11th Illinois Legislative (running for 12th Cook County Commissioner)

William C “Bill” Miceli (R-North Mayfair) $1,606.66 $2,874.34 $2,259.80

Greg Harris $36,827.22 $2,970.28 $25,992.76

13th Illinois Legislative, Incumbent. Unopposed

Deb Mell $14,029.25 $25,335.00 $19,305.48

40th Illinois Legislative, Incumbent. Running unopposed.

Lisa M Reed No filing

(R-Irving Park)

40th Illinois Legislative. Challenger. Removed from ballot after protest.

STATE AND LOCAL CANDIDATES (2011 Municipal election)

Scott Waguespack $19,635.85 $23,664.00 $16,518.55

Chicago 32nd Ward Alderman (office not in cycle till 2011. Declared for mayor)

Rahm Emanuel * $1,766,410.00 $9,605.00 $1,175,763.00

White House Chief of Staff. Mentioned as candidate for mayor

Jason Honig No filing


Chicago 40th Ward Alderman (office not in cycle till 2011). Challenger.

Patrick J O’Connor $124,244.60 $65,465.00 $71,491.51
(D-Budlong Woods)

Chicago 40th Ward Alderman (office not in cycle till 2011). Incumbent.

Eugene Schulter $150,954.50 $14,366.26 $141,535.89
(D-North Center) Investments
Chicago 47th Ward Alderman (office not in cycle till 2011). Incumbent.

Democratic Party of the 47th Ward

$70,371.86 $81,265.00 $105,620.47

Schulter TOTAL

Ameya Pawar $250.00 $8,857.98 $5,983.20

Chicago 47th Ward Alderman (office not in cycle till 2011). Challenger.

Richard Mell $264,313.55 $14,885.00 $174,212.59
(D-Irving Park)

Chicago 33rd Ward Alderman (office not in cycle till 2011). Incumbent. No known challengers.


Daniel Hynes $2,075,719.66 $1,287,755.36 $17,090.73
(D- North Center)

Illinois State Comptroller. Lost bid for Governor

James M Houlihan $358,102.46 $282.13 $221,670.61
(D- Lakeview East)

Cook County Assessor. (Retiring)

John Cullerton

(D- Ravenswood Manor) $171,779.90 $293,909.47 $114,988.09
Illinois Senate President. Office is not in election cycle
Investments $108,905.84

Cullerton TOTAL

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