Final hours of 46th Ward Race

Things are getting hot in Uptown as the election is just hours away now. Let’s go to our friends at Uptown Update first:

This last minute stuff is why the Bulldog let the candidates know it was stopping coverage except for select news as of Friday 3P.

Here are a few of the stories we did not follow-up on. We strongly urge your skepticism about these stories as they have not been fully investigated.

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4 thoughts on “Final hours of 46th Ward Race

  1. Just one small correction to the above re James Cappleman’s “Blood Alley” claims… the guards are not armed. I’m not at all sure that would even be legal. 😉

  2. There were meetings (at Truman College) between Cappleman, State Rep Harris, Magnolia-Malden Block Club, the CAPS 2311 Beat Facilitator among others and Sandy Ramsey and the owner of the Wilson’s Mens Hotel where they discussed the problems of loitering and public drinking at the corner of Clifton and Wilson. There was resistance by Sandy Ramsey to prevent the loitering, but it was pointed out that the facilities there had a zoning variance which allowed them to provide the services, but one of the conditions was that loitering would not be permitted. Failure to live up to those conditions could result in a loss of the zoning variance. Cappleman and State Rep Harris also worked with 7-11 (or the building management) to not keep the dumpsters in the alley all the time since it was a convenient place to hide drugs and go to the bathroom.

    So yes, Cappleman can and should claim credit for cleaning up Clifton.

  3. Jon,

    Sorry for that error. Thank you for correcting us.


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  4. I’ve had a series of e-mails from the subject of one of the above, Daniel Layman. Daniel was the person discussed above who complained of FOP Push-Polls. Dan was clear that he was disappointed that The Bulldog did not follow-up with him about the Push-Polls for Molly Phelan by the FOP.

    “The allegation about these Push-Polls is not, as I thought your piece implied, a “last minute” thing,” he wrote. The Push-Polls were being made weeks ago, a fact brought up by other media and also noted by Uptown Update.”

    “Molly’s reaction/or lack of corrective action and adamant refusal to disavow the language in the calls was what kept the story alive – and frankly lost her some votes,” Daniel told us.

    Daniel was specifically angry that the calls hinted at homophobic language. “When the guy started in with the Halsted planting B.S., I asked him why he was fixating on mentioning Halsted to me, and he said you know – Halsted, that’s where Cappleman hangs out…. there are pictures of him planting flowers there…,” Daniel wrote. “What was said, but it was certainly said with a “wink-wink, we all know what Halsted Street means…”

    “I would have appreciated your contacting me,” Daniel wrote, “before speculating about my veracity – I think that would be good journalism – no?”

    Yes, Daniel. We stand corrected and chastised too. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

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