‘A Day Without a Mexican’ screening at All Saints

The film ‘A Day Without a Mexican’ will be screened at All Saints Episcopal Church Friday. The film begins with the premise that one day California wakes to discover there isn’t a Latino left in the state.

  • ‘A Day Without a Mexican’ film screening
  • All Saints Episcopal Church, 4550 N Hermitage
  • Fri., Apr. 1 7P
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All Saints to hold Gumbo Stomp to benefit NOLA Katrina victims

All Saints Episcopal Church will be holding its third annual fundraiser to support rebuilding New Orleans. The Gumbo stomp will feature live music of the Midway Ramblers, appetizers and a cash bar.

“Katrina left an indelible mark on New Orleans 6 years ago and the city is still not fully recovered,” they note.

  • All Saints Episcopal Church
  • 1757 W Wilson Ave.
  • Sat., May 14 7-11P
  • $25

Read All Saints Facebook page for more details.

Pet Blessing at All Saints Episcopal

All Saints Episcopal Church, 4550 N Hermitage, celebrated the Feast of St Francis with a cacophonous service, blessing, according to the church “74 dogs, 13 cats, 1 rabbit and 1 lizard on Sunday. Thanks be to God!”

Congregants noted they had also brought a fish, a hamster and a guinea pig to the service.

Rector Bonnie Perry said the first service featured a number of Dachshunds, making it particularly loud. At the second service, her dog, a rescue, watched her closely as she celebrated the Eucharist, then discovered a bowl of Milkbones and tried to snack.

Perry interrupted her consecration of the host to thank a parishioner for taking the Milkbones away.

“We welcome all our guests today,” Perry said during the service, “of whatever species.”

As Perry made the rounds, one dog decided it would be better to internalize the holy water and had a drink from the bowl Perry was carrying. Perry took it in stride, returning to the main altar to get more water for the blessing.

Perry praised pets as a blessing to their caretakers.

Member of the parish carries her companion into the church for the special Feast of St Francis liturgy. Photo Credit Patrick Boylan

All Saints Reach out to New Orleans

Last Saturday night All Saints Episcopal hosted the Gumbo Stomp an event filled with fellowship, live Cajun music, dancing and  gumbo in an effort to raise funds for  rebuilding homes in New Orleans through their partnership with the Episcopal Community Services  of Louisiana (ECSLA). The dancing lasted into the night and Ravenswood felt like a bit of the Big Easy for a few hours. It was wonderful to smell the Cajun spices at the door of the hall and hear the music of the Midway Ramblers livening up the night.

Joey Sylvester the Facilitator of the evenings entertainment  told the Bulldog that all this fun was in honor of  ECLA, a grass roots  program that has gutted over 900 homes and rebuilt over 60 more.  ECSLA ‘s rebuild program focuses on some the most vulnerable of the population rebuilding their lives and homes in New Orleans.  They help those who have exhausted their funds due to a  health problems, loss of credit, and those who have become victims of contractor fraud or of fire.

Besides raising funds for rebuilding costs  the event also helps support  the next “rebuilding trip” 8th to date for parish members who generously take vacation time to physically help rebuild New Orleans. For those wishing more information on ECSLA please look to www.allsaintschicago.org.

Midway Ramblers added southern charm to Ravenswood on Saturday night

Ravenswood 5K attracts thousands in support of local efforts

Thousands participated in the Ravenswood Run, a 5K in support of a local food pantry and health clinics at two neighborhood schools.

Thousands participated in the Ravenswood Run, a 5K in support of a local food pantry and health clinics at two neighborhood schools. Credit: Steve Stearns

Credit: Steave Stearns

Credit: Steve Stearns

Several thousand runners participated in two 5K races in the Ravenswood neighborhood this weekend. The Ravenswood Run, which started at Wilson and Hermitage in Chicago on Sunday, raised money for the Ravenswood Community Services food services as well as health clinics at Amundsen and Lake View High School.

The Race to Wrigley 5K, held on Saturday morning, raised money for the Childrens Memorial Hospital.

RCS in running for $5K grant; a minute to feed the poor

It’s the Chicago way: vote early, vote often. The Ravenswood Community Services, an outreach program of the Episcopal Charities and Community Services that principally provides a family style food service and a food pantry to poorer residents is asking for your help in its PepsiRefreshProject effort.RCS needs Internet votes to win $5,000 to help serve the poor.

“The RCS is currently in 28th place and needs to be voted into tenth place by April 30,” RCS Executive Director Wendy Vasquez said. The RCS plans to use the funds to back one of its All Saints Café efforts, Vasquez said.

Three times a year, the RCS, which provides groceries and a weekly family style dinner to needy residents of Uptown and Ravenswood, recruits a star chef and prepares what it describes as a five-star meal. “It’s a well done, professional experience,” Vasquez said.

The efforts of the RCS gained nationwide attention after a New York Times article in November contrasted the lines of poor receiving food with the home of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, located just blocks down Hermitage.

Voting takes a little over a minute. Similar voting schemes on the Internet allow voters to cast a new vote every 24 hours, from every e-mail address they own. So, vote early, vote often.