Rank Bulls Rule at Decatur Rodeo

A headbutt sends this barrel and it's occupant, Michael "The Spike" Wallace rolling across the arena floor.


It was a beautiful¬†October evening to be outdoors in Decatur this past Saturday. A perfect way for the Havener Rodeo Company to end their successful debut season with a evening of Bull riding. With a grand total of 22 bull riders initially entering the event, it looked like rodeo fans at the Big Creek Riding Center were in for quite a treat. Prior to the evening’s main event, a Cowboy Church service was held and then everyone was entertained with lively music performed by the 95Q Band.

Prime rank stock was trucked in from as far away as Missouri to provide contestants with a wide variety in bulls. Each contestant was allowed the opportunity to try and ride 2 different bulls that night. Just a small hand full of men were able “spur one on” and ride the full 8 seconds needed for a qualifying ride. Scores are based on a simple system of 100 points, with 50% of the points going for the cowboy’s performance and 50% for the bull’s.

Two time PBR Finals Qualifier, Craig Sasse, took home 1st Place honors with a winning score of 86. Sasse, a native of St Peter, IL, has been riding bulls professionally for 10 years. In 2nd Place with a score of 84 was Caleb Ruyle of Roodhouse, IL. Scoring a 82 put Jason Cronk, from Mississippi, into 3rd Place and Lamar Schrock took 4th Place with a score of 81.

The Rodeo featured the comedic antics of Rodeo Clown, Michael “The Spike” Wallace. Wallace appeared to give a fresh twist to entertaining the rodeo fans throughout the night. His act was both funny and far from predictable. At one point, he even went tumbling across the arena, tucked safely inside his barrel, when a bull decided to give the barrel a few good headbutts. Protecting the riders with their Bullfighting expertise were Nick Fair from Wichita, KS and Matt Metz from Rushing, TN. Judging that evening was Matt Voelker and Wayne Chupp.


Michael "The Spike" Wallace and his barrel roll to a stop after a bull sent them flying across the arena floor.