Rahm residency question still open. Up to 19 to file for mayor

Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel and his residency continue to make news. Thursday Emanuel (D-Old Ravenswood) presented a Nov. 17, 2009 letter from the Chicago Board of Elections which seems to indicate the board will look favorably on Emanuel’s statement that he continued to be a resident while serving as White House Chief of Staff.

Rahm Emanuel leads much of the news coverage in the race for mayor. But his residency will be challenged, which could lead to him not being on the February ballot

Rahm Emanuel leads much of the news coverage in the race for mayor. But his residency will be challenged, which could lead to him not being on the February ballot. Credit: Jane Rickard

“A significant number of registered voters from the City of Chicago are serving both in the White House and several Cabinet agencies,” Lance Gough, executive director of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners wrote in a letter obtained by the Chicago Tribune. “All Illinois voters now have the right to cast absentee ballots, whether or not they may be in their home counties on Election Day.”

Emanuel has voted absentee in the 2010 primary campaign, according to his campaign.

Opposing Emanuel is Burt Odelson, a south suburban lawyer who said he is advising Rev. James T Meeks. Odelson said on Fox Sunday that he represents “ordinary citizens of Chicago” who are opposing Emanuel. “He has no residence in Chicago,” Odelson said.

Odelson believes Emanuel’s use of an affidavit to obtain an absentee ballot for the 2010 primary may be a key to his case.

“To be able to vote you have to be a resident of the precinct for 30 days… You have to sign an affidavit swearing you are a resident of that precinct 30 days prior to the election,” Odelson told Fox. Odelson says that because Emanuel rented the house he forfeited his residency.

Odelson pointed out that President Barack Obama retained ownership and control of his residence in Hyde Park.

As of Sunday morning nine candidates have filed for mayor. In the order provided by the Chicago Board of Elections:

  • Carol Moseley Braun of Hyde Park
  • Gery Chico of the Loop
  • Danny Davis of South Austin
  • Wilfredo de Jesus of Humboldt Park
  • Miguel del Valle of Cragin
  • Rahm Emanuel of Old Ravenswood
  • M Tricia Lee of Archer Heights
  • Tyrone Carter of North Austin
  • Jay Stone of Rogers Park

Ten other candidates may file petitions on Monday, the last day for filing. According to Progress Illinois, the list includes:

  • Annazette Collins
  • James Meeks
  • William Walls
  • Patricia Van Pelt Watkins
  • R Emmett Tyrrell
  • Fredrick K White
  • Cynthia Albritton
  • Mitch Newman
  • Ryan Graves
  • Roland Burris

In the aldermanic campaign, several campaigns have indicated to the Bulldog they intend to file on Monday. Filing on Monday shortens the time for examining and challenging petitions. Monday is the last day to file and be listed on the ballot. By ward, here is a breakdown of what is current and expected:

32nd Ward

  • Brian Gorman of Roscoe Village
  • David M Pavlik of Roscoe Village
  • Scott Waguespack of Buck Town Incumbent
  • Not yet filed: Peter V Diaz

33rd Ward

  • Richard F Mell of Irving Park Incumbent

40th Ward

  • Patrick J O’Connor of Budlong Woods Incumbent

44th Ward

  • Thomas M Tunney of Lake View Incumbent
  • David Winner of Lake View
  • Not yet filed: Victoria Mitchell

46th Ward

  • James Cappleman of Uptown
  • Michael Carroll of Buena Park
  • Don Nowotny of Buena Park
  • Mary Anne “Molly” Phelan of Buena Park
  • Vefekadu T Retta of Uptown
  • Diane Shapiro of Uptown
  • Not yet filed: Andy Lam
  • Not yet filed: Emily Stewart
  • Not yet filed: Deinse Davis
  • Not yet filed: Jesse Wilson

47th Ward

  • Eugene Schulter of North Center Incumbent
  • Not yet filed: Ameya Pawar
  • Not yet filed: Matt Reichel
  • Not yet filed: Tom Jacks

48th Ward

  • Patrick McDonough of Andersonville
  • Harry Osterman of Edgewater
  • Steven Chereska of Edgewater
  • Not yet filed: Philip Bernstein

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