No freeze here yet

It may have been kissed by Mr. Frost but not enough for a a freeze. 2400 block of W Cullom 11/11/11 7:30 am Photo credit: Jane Rickard

It was cold Friday morning. Colder than it has been in this area since March.

But it wasn’t a freeze. Not yet.

According to WeatherUnderground, the Irving Park station KILCHICA69 recorded a temperature low of 33.1° F for about 20 minutes starting at 6.30A Friday. The new KILCHICA105 station in Lincoln Square recorded an even lower reading of 32.7° F for five minutes at 6.11A.

While the West Rogers Park station KILCHICA51 hit 32° F for five minutes starting at 6.35A.

That’s on the knife edge and isn’t acceptable to define a frost. The temperature has to be BELOW freezing first. A condition that means our growing season is now at about 228 days with the next chance of a freeze being on Wednesay night.

Enjoy this unusually beautiful weather.