Where is Warner Park?

The Graceland West Community Association will be holding its annual garden walk this weekend. The community garden, Warner Park and Garden is an unknown gem in this community.

Find out where it is by attending the garden walk.

  • Garden Walk
  • Graceland West Community Association
  • Sun., July 11, Noon – 5P
  • 4334 N Greenview Ave.
  • For more information.


North Center Garden Walk

The NorthCenter Neighborhood Garden Walk will be held Sun., June 26. noon – 6P.

The walk, formerly the St. Ben’s Garden Walk, has ben held annually for five years. 40 gardens are expected to participate in this year’s event. According to the organizers there will be a Japanese conifer garden, an organic community garden, an outdoor room, and a butterfly garden at the Bell school.

  • North Center Neighborhood Garden Walk
  • NorthCenter Neighborhood Association (yes, we double checked, the spelling IS different).
  • Sun., June 26. Noon – 6P
  • Start at Bell School, 3730 N Oakley
  • $5. Donation to Common Pantry. Seniors are free
  • For more information

Ravenswood Manor Garden Walk

The Ravenswood Manor will be holding its annual garden walk Sun., June 26.

  • Ravenswood Manor Garden Walk
  • Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association
  • Sun., June 26. 2- 4P
  • The walk usually starts in Arthur J LaPointe Park. Manor Ave at Giddings Street.
  • For more information e-mail gardenwalk (at) ravenswoodmanor (dot) com or visit the Facebook page of the group.


NorthCenter Neighbors Garden Walk

The NorthCenter Neighbors Association is looking for people to take part in their garden walk.

The planning meeting for the event is this morning. The actual garden walk is set for Sun., June 26.

  • NorthCenter Neighbors Garden Walk
  • NorthCenter Garden Club
  • Planning meeting
  • Tues., May 17; 9.30A
  • 3909 N Claremont
  • For more information.