Food truck v brick and mortar battle

QSR reports on the ongoing battle to reform Chicago’s food ordinance to allow food trucks to prepare food. At the moment, the article notes, food is prepared in advance and sold from the truck.

“There’s a lot of creativity in the market,” Scott Waguespack told QSR. Waguespack helped draft a law after being approached about the lack of food trucks in Chicago.

“We have a social contract,” Glenn Keefer of Keefer’s Restaurant, 20 W Kinzie St., told QSR. “I don’t think you’re going to see a lot of little league teams sponsored by the Gaztro-Wagon.” Keefer is among the owners of restaurants operating out of traditional store fronts.

Read more at QSR Magazine.

Disappointment: No first day visit by Gaztro-Wagon

Chef Matt Maroni battled City Hall to change the law to allow his Edgewater eatery, Gaztrowagon, to take to the streets. Friday, the buzz was Lincoln Square would be on the list of parking spots for the rolling gourmet food truck.

Friday The Bulldog followed the progress of the Gaztro-wagon through Twitter updates as they exhausted their supply of naan sandwiches in only two stops. At about 10 PM SarahConner tweeted “I thought you were coming to Lincoln Square late tonight!”

“Sorry we didn’t make it out last night…first day hiccups but up and running again!!! Green City Mkt – here we come!” the wagon replied this morning.

The food truck concept was recently accepted by the Chicago City Council. The Friday night route, the first night on the road for the Gaztro-Wagon, took in stops at Millenium Park and Lakeview.

Tweets reported long lines and the truck running out of food.

A menu for the concept can be found at Time Out Chicago. Yelp readers have given the storefront location, 5973 N Clark Street, 4 ½ stars.

Gaztro-Wagon, a low cost, high concept in food mobility recently won approval to operate in Chicago. However first night problems led to disappointment for fans in Lincoln Square.