Signs of the season-CTA Holiday Train!

One of the great holiday traditions of Chicago visited our neighborhood the Chicago Transit Authority’s Holiday Train. ¬†This train decorated with holiday lights and with an open carriage carrying Santa and his sleigh. The train is greeted at each station by families, children in strollers all looking to capture that special holiday photograph or video.


Holiday Train arrives at the Rockwell Station. Photo credit: Jane Rickard




The train will return to our area tomorrow linkage to the full Brown Line schedule here.

It is a fitting way to start our Holiday images.

Santa himself arrives in his sleigh. Photo Credit: Jane Rickard



CTA Holiday Train

The annual visit of the holiday train on the Brown Line is expected on three days this year. However, a time schedule for the train has not yet been announced.

The Brown Line will share Dec. 1-3 with Orange Line riders, according to preliminary news releases from the CTA.

The train includes lights both inside and outside the cars and a sleigh riding Santa on a flat car.

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