Cappleman Releases Master Plan


Alderman James Cappleman, of the 46th Ward, just released his master plan.

It’s introduced on his web site with this, “This plan incorporates many voices from the ward and combines them with surveys of retail needs, housing stock, population and infrastructure to create a framework under which future ward decisions will be made.  This plan will be a guide to help James assess opportunities related to business development, land use and the social infrastructure of our community.”

Bulldog to receive five journalism awards

The Welles Park Bulldog announced today it has learned that the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association will award writers and photographers at the online neighborhood site for work in five journalism categories. The awards, part of the association’s 2011 competition, will be made at the NINA fall conference, October 20 in DeKalb:


Stearns has been concentrating on sports photojournalism. Rickard and Boylan, co-owners of The Bulldog, were recognized in May by the Chicago Headline Club (Society of Professional Journalists), receiving two Lisagor awards for the work creating the neighborhood news site.

Boylan also received a Ford Foundation scholarship to attend the Poynter Institute over the summer.

The Bulldog is a member of the NorthCenter and Lincoln Square Chambers of Commerce and the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association. The staff also has memberships in the Online News Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and other local groups.

The Bulldog has been banging away at news for the Ravenswood community,” Boylan said. “Unlike our competition, The Dog is not distracted by this month’s fad. Unlike our competition, The Dog is committed to Ravenswood. Unlike our competition, we are recognized for our professional level journalism.”

The Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards were open to members of the association. NINA, which is associated with the journalism school at Northern Illinois University, is dedicated to advance the quality, integrity and credibility of journalism and journalism education in the 26 northernmost counties of Illinois.


Ravenswood to be split into two wards under Black Caucus remap proposal

Current ward boundaries (in red) and a proposal by the Black Caucus (in blue) would shift the 40th and the 47th Wards south.

A proposal unveiled yesterday by the Chicago City Council Black Caucus would split the Ravenswood community between the 40th and the 47th Wards. The two wards boundaries would move south by about one mile under the proposal.

The proposal is the first in what promises to be a contentious debate over redistricting in the city, a once a decade process of giving equal weight to each voter in legislative bodies.

The caucus proposed 19 majority black wards and 13 majority Hispanic wards in the 50 member chamber. Previously there had been 20 majority black wards and eleven Hispanic wards.

The city’s Hispanic population has grown by about 25,000 in the last decade while the city’s black population has fallen by about 181,000, according to census figures. Caucasian populations have also fallen.

The caucus, which was unanimous in its proposal, is seeking to maintain the number of black wards through a theory called non- retrogression. That legal idea is that once granted, a right may not be taken away. The caucus holds that non-retrogression requires every effort must be made to guarantee at least 20 black wards in the remap.

The 40th and the 47th Wards would move about one mile south under the proposal.  Parts of Horner Park East and all of Lincoln Square and Ravenswood north of Montrose would be placed in the 40th Ward if the map is adopted.

Ravenswood Manor, currently in the 33rd Ward, would be represented by the 39th Ward. The 39th Ward would also represent some areas in Budlong Woods. Ravenswood Manor is currently districted into the 33rd Ward.

Both the 40th and the 47th Wards would extend west of the Chicago River to represent areas in Irving Park.

Andersonville, currently represented by four wards, would find most of the business district north of Foster represented by the 48th Ward. The business district south of Foster by the 46th Ward.

The 47th Ward southern boundary would extend to about Wrightwood and would include most of Roscoe Village.

Lathrop Homes and parts of western Roscoe Village would be in the 38th Ward.

Some adjustments were also proposed in the boundaries on the eastern side of the 40th and the 47th Wards.

The caucus noted that it had not worked with Hispanic aldermen on the proposal. In answer to a question from The Bulldog, it also noted it has not presented or consulted with political power houses such as Joe Berrios, Michael Madigan, Dick Mell, Pat O’Connor or Ed Burke about their plan.

It also did not use a state Voting Rights Act doctrine called minority influence district. Finally, the caucus noted it did not take into account Asian communities as they are not a protected minority.

The minority influence district holds that if a minority has a sizable population, but not a majority, the population should not be divided into multiple districts. The theory allowed a sizable, but still minority, population of Asians to be considered in the drawing of districts north and west of Ravenswood.

A concern the caucus did apparently consider were the home address of current aldermen. They noted that no incumbent would be required to run against another incumbent under their plan.

The caucus also provided evidence they considered neighborhood communities in its proposal.

A neighborhood community is a city defined area. There is no city defined area called Ravenswood. The area we generally consider Ravenswood is comprised of two other communities, North Center and Lincoln Square.

State legislators heard considerable testimony about communities of interest, a term that drilled down deeper into our city, considering such things as churches, schools, ethnic groups and other geographic areas with a shared sense of identity.


Ward Alderman Democratic Committeeman Republican Committeeman Minority


Joe Moreno

Jesse Ruben Juarez

Kathleen Cordes



Scott Waguespack

John Fritchey

John Curry


Dick Mell

Dick Mell

Lisa Reed



Timothy Cullerton

Patricia J Cullerton

Kevin Edward White


Margaret Laurino

Randy Barnette

William Miceli


Pat O’Connor

Pat O’Connor

Steve Seiling


Michele Smith

Michele Smith

Doug Glick


Thomas Tunney

Thomas Tunney

Jim Fuchs


James Cappleman

Tom Sharpe

Diane Shapiro


Ameya Pawar

Eugene Schulter

David Ratowitz


Harry Osterman

Carol Ronen

Adam Robinson


Debra Silverstein

Ira Silverstein

Kenneth Hollander


Cappleman to address NDFA Tonight

Ald. James Cappleman will be one of two guests at the Northside Democracy for America meeting this evening.

Joining Cappleman will be Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore.

  • James Cappleman, Debra Shore
  • Northside Democracy for America
  • Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N Lincoln Ave.
  • Tues., July 12; 6P Social, 7P meeting
  • For more information.

Hoops removed from Bronco Billy

Ald. James Cappleman noted that the basketball hoops have been removed from Bronco Billy Park, 4437 N Magnolia, in the Uptown neighborhood.

“On advice from the police, in agreement with the Parks Department, the basketball hoops at the Bronco Billy Park have been removed,” Cappleman announced in his weekly letter to constituents today.

“The police recommended this change to help alleviate accelerated gang activity in the area,” Cappleman said. Cappleman said he was working to move the hoops activities to a program at a number of parks including Chase Park in Ravenswood.

Bronco Billy Park is a playlot park located just west of the Truman College campus.

Thale, Cappleman to unite

Ald. James Cappleman and his long-time partner Richard Thale indicated they will join in a civil union. The date for the ceremony could be October, according to a report this morning in the Chicago Sun-Times.

“We want to keep it nice but simple,” Cappleman told the Sun-Times. “Nothing really extraordinarily extravagant.”

Read more in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cappleman, Thale win John Michie award from Dignity

Ald. James Cappleman and partner James Thale were awarded the annual John Michie Award for community service in the Uptown neighborhood.

The couple received the award for their having “shown a long-term commitment as members of Dignity/Chicago, but also a dedication to the larger Chicago community through their work to improve life for residents in the Uptown neighborhood,” Chris Pett, Dignity/Chicago’s board president said in a release about the award.

Both Cappleman and Thale served on the Dignity/Chicago board in the 1990’s — James as President and Richard as Treasurer. They have been active in Uptown community organizing since the late 1990’s, the release said. “James has helped form block clubs, organize service projects, and create open access to necessary information for residents throughout the 46th Ward.”

“Thale, is chair of the 23rd Police District’s Court Advocacy Committee and a CAPS facilitator for Beat 2312.”

The award was given at a mass marking the 39th anniversary of the founding of Dignity/ Chicago, Sun. May 22 at the offices of the group, 3338 N Broadway.

Read more at Windy City Media Group.


Cappleman fundraiser tonight

The Trippin Billies, the Bono Brothers and Lucky Jackson will headline a benefit concert for Ald.-elect James Cappleman at the Riviera Theatre tonight.

Funds from the concert will help defray the costs of setting up a ward office.

  • Benefit concert for James Cappleman
  • James Cappleman for alderman
  • Riviera Theatre; 4746 N Racine Ave.
  • Tonight 6-11.30P
  • $20 for the concert; $100 for the VIP meet and greet
  • For more information, for tickets


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