Remap proposal puts Roscoe Village in 20th Ward

A map proposal filed with the Chicago City Clerk today suggests that Roscoe Village would join the 20th Ward. The map was also Twittered by Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey and Ald. Bob Fioretti.

Proposals for the remapping must pass City Council by a 41 vote majority before year end or two proposals will be put to a vote before the voters in the primary election in spring 2012. No remap proposal has yet been put before City Council. The council could still meet before the end of the month. However, no meetings are currently scheduled.

The map is called the Taxpayer Protection Map. It was sponsored by Ald. Proco Joe Moreno, Bob Fioretti, John Pope, James Balcer, George Cardenas, Marty Quinn, Ricardo Munoz, Daniel Solis, Roberto Maldonado, Ariel Reboyras, Regner Ray Suarez, Scott Waguespack, Rey Colón, Michele Smith, John Arena and James Cappleman.

The picture of the ward is dubbed an Hispanic draft by Fritchey. 20th Ward is currently a South Side ward represented by Ald. Willie Cochran.

Population shifts have caused historically black wards to lose population, largely at the expense of a growing Hispanic population.

If the picture is close to what is proposed what amounts to a new ward would be created on the North Side. Its borders would generally be Addison Street on the north, Western Avenue on the west and what appears to be Ashland Avenue on the east. (Read the legal description of the new 20th Ward).

Two ‘panhandles’ would reach out from the ward to catch parts of Lakeview and Logan Square.

Fritchey told The Bulldog at least two proposals seem to call for a new ward to be created from the 32nd Ward. The picture shows a proposal calling for the 20th Ward to be inserted, but Fritchey noted that another proposal calls for the 2nd Ward, currently represented by Ald. Bob Fioretti, to be centered in Roscoe Village.

Fritchey, who noted he is not involved in the city process, said the area will need to rely on the new alderman to address its needs. “They’d have a new alderman,” Fritchey said, represented by an alderman and committeemen elected by another part of the city until the next election.

Fritchey said Cook County remapping would start next year. He told The Bulldog he does not expect the county process to be as contentious as the city process.

The 32nd Ward would migrate south, finding a more rectangular shape centered in the Bucktown neighborhood. (Read the legal description of the 32nd ward).

The 47th Ward would retain most of its current territory, with a northern boundary meeting the 40th Ward near Foster. (Read the legal description of the 47th Ward).


Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey twittered a picture of what he calls a draft Hispanic Caucus map.

On the right, a 'draft' Hispanic Caucus remap proposal for the Chicago City Council. Credit: John Fritchey


Three vie for 47th Dem committeeman spot; Races in 32nd Ward Dem and 3 GOP positions

On the final day of filing two additional persons entered petitions to create a three-man race in the 47th Ward Democratic Committeeman race. There were also races for the GOP and Democratic Committeeman race in the 49th Ward, and the 32nd, 33rd and 40th Ward GOP Committeemen races.

Scott Waguespack and John Fritchey were already contesting the 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman position.

Richard Mell, Pat O’Connor, Tom Tunney and James Cappleman are running for Democratic Committeemen unopposed in the 33rd, 40th, 44th and 46th Wards.

Scott Davis and Diane Shapiro are running unopposed for Republican Committeeman in the 44th and the 46th Wards.

Incumbent boss Eugene Schulter faces two challengers in the 47th Ward. Former Alderman Schulter gave up on what promised to be another term as alderman in January to seek selection to the Cook County Board of Review. That effort was to end poorly as Michael Cabonargi was selected for the Board of Review spot and the aldermanic position was lost by the regular organization to newcomer Ameya Pawar.

Schulter, first won the committeeman spot in 2004.  He backed ward residents Tom O’Donnell for alderman in 2011, Dan Farley for Statehouse in 2010, Independent Forrest Claypool over Cook County Democratic boss Joe Berrios in 2010 and Dan Hynes for US Senate in 2004.

Schulter first sought the post in 2000, but lost that year to his mentor, Ed Kelly. Kelly ran a candidate against Schulter in the 2003 municipal elections, Jack Lydon. After Schulter’s victory, Kelly stepped down in 2004.

Lydon contributes to The Bulldog as a sports writer.

Opposing Schulter is Paul Rosenfeld and Peter Coffey, both of the East Horner Park neighborhood.

Coffey is the Director of Government Affairs at DePaul University and, according to LinkedIn, was the past Director of Government Affairs at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Rosenfeld and his family are active members of the Bell School community and Grow 47. His role in the Blagojevich scandal as “Lobbyist 2” was acknowledged in an exclusive interview with The Bulldog.

His candidacy is backed by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, according to the Chicago News Coop. “It is an endorsement of Paul,” Preckwinkle said of her attendance at (a) fundraiser for Rosenfeld. “I worked with Gene. I just think that Paul will bring the kind of energy and progressive vision that I share” the CNC said in a September article.

In the 32nd Ward, a race between Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey and Alderman Scott Waguespack promises fireworks.

As reported by The Bulldog, Fritchey criticized Waguespack for his vote on the city budget last month. Waguespack was opposed in his reelection bid by two candidates associated with Fritchey. Both Fritchey and Waguespack have reformer credentials, with Waguespack leading the opposition to former Mayor Richard M Daley in City Council and Fritchey leading efforts to reform Cook County government since his election to the Cook County Board.

Incumbent Republican Committeeman John Curry faces challenger Stephen Boulton to be boss of the 32nd Ward party.

Curry has been active in the Republican Party since he was in college at Northwestern. He reports he is a third generation Chicago Republican. A lawyer, Curry is a resident of the Bucktown neighborhood.

Boulton is a partner at McCarthy Duffy, according to his LinkedIn Profile.

Scott Campbell and Gregory Eidukas are both running for the 33rd Ward GOP boss slot. In the 40th Ward Rafael Chagin is opposing Bill Powers for the post.

22 file on 1st day for 2012 Primary

The first day of filing for the March 2012 primary indicated there will be at least two contested races for voters to consider. A primary contest to select the Democratic party boss of the 32nd ward and to select the Democratic candidate for the 14th Representative to the General Assembly both drew challengers.

Ald. Scott Waguespack files for 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman on Nov. 28, 2011

Ald. Scott Waguespack files to run for Democratic 32nd Ward Boss. Credit Jack Lydon

In the 32nd Ward, Ald. Scott Waguespack is opposing the reelection of Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey. Waguespack and Fritchey have been at odds, with Fritchey supporting two challengers against Waguespack in the 2011 Municipal election.

Waguespack is considered the leader of the opposition in City Hall. However, Mayor Rahm Emanuel may be supportive of Waguespack as Waguespack backed the mayor’s 2012 budget proposal that passed unanimously.

Fritchey, who had served in the General Assembly, is coming off a failed bid to fill Emanuel’s congressional seat in 2009. His open county government push has gained wide support and press.

In the 14th District Rep. Kelly Cassidy, a freshman who was appointed to the job, faces opposition from Paula Basta. A third candidate has announced but has not yet filed.

Cook County Commissioner files to retain his seat as 32nd Ward Democratic boss.

Cook County Commissioner files to retain his seat as 32nd Ward Democratic boss. Credit: Jack Lydon

Cassidy, a lesbian activist, signed on to HB 3810, which would eliminate the General Assembly Scholarship Program and has sponsored a number of bills, SB 19, HB 3814 and SB 395, all of which would eliminate a widely criticized provision of the seven percent tax cap that required senior citizens to reapply each year for the exemption.

Opposing her election is Paula Basta, a senior citizens activist who is also gay. Basta is well known as the director of the Levy Senior Center located on Lawrence Ave.

Paul Rosenfeld has filed for the Democratic 47th Ward Committeeman. Former Ald. Eugene Schulter currently fills that position, but has not announced whether he will run for reelection or not.

The committeeman position is critical in the slating of judicial candidates. It also fills vacancies in public offices until the next election. Locally committeeman have filled positions several times.

  • Greg Harris was selected to fill in the ballot vacancy created by the retirement of Ill. Rep. Larry McKeon in 2006.
  • Kelly Cassidy was selected earlier this year to fill the position of Ill. Rep. Harry Osterman when he successfully ran for Alderman.
  • Kathleen Moore was selected instead of Ann Williams to fill a two week vacancy in 2010-11 created when Ill. Rep. John Fritchey ran successfully for the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Williams had won the seat in the general election, but the committeemen claim she wasn’t interested in filing the position for the two week opening. Moore’s appointment is controversial because she provided the critical 60th vote for the passage of the income tax increase and also for the end of the death penalty in the state.

The primary will allow voters to choose party candidates for the offices of:

  • President of the United States
  • Representatives in Congress
  • State Senators
  • Representatives in the General Assembly
  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners
  • State’s Attorney
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Recorder of Deeds
  • Board of Review Commissioners (Districts 1, 2 & 3)
  • State Supreme Court Judges, vacancies
  • State Appellate Court Judges, vacancies
  • Cook County Circuit Court Judges & Subcircuit Judges, vacancies
  • Additional Judgeships (if required)

In addition delegates and alternate delegates to the National Nominating Conventions and Ward Committeemen are being selected in the primary.

The Primary is organized for major parties. In Illinois only the Republican and Democratic Parties qualify as major parties. The Green Party is allowed to qualify candidates for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.

The 2012 Illinois primary is set for March 20. The final day for filing is Dec. 5.  For filing requirements see the page of the County Clerk.

State Board of Elections Web Site


List of offices representing North Side Communities, or candidates from select North Side communities running




Sniping Continues Between Fritchey and Waguespack

Examiner is reporting of new sniping between John Fritchey and Scott Waguespack. Both are competing for 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman. Waguespack is the incumbent Alderman in the ward while Fritchey is the incumbent Democratic Committeeman, along with <A NAME=”redirect”>Ravenswood 12th District </A>Cook County Commissioner.

According to the report, Fritchey recently criticized Waguespack for going along with the budget of new mayor Rahm Emanuel because that budget included the closure of the local police station, the 13th District at 937 N. Wood St.

A movement has already started to try and save the police station. According to the site, “We are fortunate to be part of a vibrant and improving  neighborhood, but we border areas of the city which are dangerous.  Drive by shootings, muggings, rapes,  burglaries and graffiti is all around.

“This Station services a large area of the city.  Closing this station will lead to a decay of  our community, our property values and safety. The physical structure and  strong police presence of Police in our neighborhood has been a beacon of  safety to our neighborhoods.”

The Democratic Committeeman in the 32nd Ward is a very lucrative and powerful position. Responsible for getting out Democratic voters, the 32nd Ward has traditionally been home to a ripe number of potential Democratic voters.

*** Updated 11/29/2011 @ 12.50P. A clarification: Commissioner Fritchey represents the 12th Cook County District. The district includes substantial areas outside of Ravenswood on the North Side. Maps of the districts can be found on line. Click here to <A HREF=”#redirect”>read the new sentence.</A>***

Waguespack Makes it Official

Multiple media are reporting that Scott Waguespack officially announced his run for 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman where he’ll face another heavyweight in Ravenswood Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey.

The election is next March 20 and Welles Park Bulldog will provide extensive coverage of all local committeemen races.

Waguespack fundraiser

By all appearances Ald. Scott Waguespack is running for the 32nd Ward Democratic Committee Chair.

The chair holds a political purse and also has power to vote on appointments to fill openings in certain offices, such as happened when John Fritchey resigned from the Illinois Statehouse to take office at the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

At that time a retired kindergarten teacher, Kathleen Moore, was appointed. She was the 60th vote needed to pass the 67 percent increase in state income taxes and the bill that ended the death penalty in Illinois.

Waguespack is expected to be opposed by Fritchey. Fritchey currently holds the post.

Waguespack will be holding a fund raiser at Schubas Nov. 16.

  • Fund raiser for Ald. Scott Waguespack
  • Citizens for Scott Waguespack
  • Schubas; 3159 N Southport Ave.
  • Wed., Nov. 16; 5.30-7.30P
  • For more information

Rosenfeld Announces Intention to Run for 47th Ward Democratic Committeeman

Photo of Paul Rosenfeld

According to a press release just sent out, Paul Rosenfeld, owner of Government Navigation Group, a small consulting business based in Chicago, IL, has announced his intention to run for 47th Ward Democratic Committeeman.

Rosenfeld has the backing of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Long time Alderman Gene Schuelter is also running for Committeeman. Following through on his campaign promise, current Alderman Ameya Pawar has decided not to run for Committeeman. Pawar has backed Rosenfeld.

According to the press release, here are Rosenfeld’s priorities, “Rosenfeld’s priorities if elected include: creating an inclusive Democratic organization within the ward; ensuring that decisions affecting the ward and candidate endorsements are made openly and with collaboration.  Rosenfeld emphasizes the need to be fair toall, while paying special attention to the ward’s neediest neighbors, and is committed to working every day to improve the quality of life in the ward for everyone the community”.

The Republicans, like in most of Chicago, are largely disorganized in 47. Paul Bonilla is the most recent 47th Ward Republican Committeeman but he’s not running for reelection. All Committeemen races will be decided when Illinois holds its primaries on March 20, 2012.

Committeemen are largely responsible for getting out the vote in their districts. Powerful committeemen, those that are able to get out many votes, have influence in picking candidates, government jobs, and contracts, while weak committeemen, those that don’t get out votes, are largely ceremonial titles with little influence.

One other Committeeman race to watch will be in 32 where current 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack will go up against current Cook County Board Commissioner John Fritchey.  Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle will also run for reelection in her ward the 4th District.

Rosenfeld lives in the North Center neighborhood with his wife Ellen and their four children, who attend their neighborhood public school.  Paul graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Political Science.



Lakeview Twshp tax appeal workshop

With the deadline for appealing property taxes looming for owners in Lakeview Township a property tax appeals workshop is being planned.

Property owners should bring a copy of their most recent tax bill to the workshop. Representatives of Commissioner Michael Cabonargi of the County Board of Review, John Fritchey of the County Commissioners and Ameya Pawar, Alderman, will be present.

  • Lakeview Township property tax workshop
  • Bethany Methodist Retirement Community
  • Wed., Nov. 2; 6.30P
  • 4950 N Ashland Ave.
  • For more information

Lakeview township property owners are urged to appeal their property taxes prior to Nov. 16. Map credit: The Bulldog and Google.

Fritchey Now Featured in All Sorts of Unusual Places

You have to figure that if you back an ordinance that moves us one step closer to decriminalizing marijuana, you’ll be featured in all sorts of interesting places. Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey from Ravenswood is finding that out.

The web site Toke of the Town featured a story about Fritchey’s idea, “The proposed law makes sense, according to Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey.

‘It is not time to act tough on crime, it is (time) to be smart on crime,’ Fritchey said, perhaps unconsciously echoing travel guru/marijuana activist Rick Steves. ‘We need our resources spent somewhere else.'”
Toke of the Town is a website dedicated to “cannibas news, views, humor and rumor.”