Health care premium review considered in Statehouse

Progress Illinois reports a bill to require health insurance providers to report premium rates to the Illinois Department of Insurance is a “no brainer,” noting that insurance rates in the state have increased 181 percent since 2005.

Sponsored by Illinois Rep. Greg Harris, the bill, HB 1501 provides that insurers file the base rates as well as actuarial reasoning and data.

“I think people justifiably want to know if those going to increase health care or is this going into someone’s pocket,” Harris told Progress Illinois.

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Craft brewers redefined in legislation by Harris

Legislation that proposes allowing small craft brewers to self-distribute their product is moving through the Statehouse. The bill, HB 205, would allow brewers of less than 60K barrels of beer annually to obtain a distribution license.

The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild claims small brewers need self distribution to survive. The bill was opposed by the Association of Beer Distributors who called 60K barrels “a lot of beer.”

An amendment by Representative Greg Harris would change the definition to those manufacturing 20K barrels of beer annually. The bill is known as SB 88 in the Illinois Senate.

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