Halpins move out; Welcome back Rahm

Neighbors were alerted to the move of Rob and Lori Halpin, the renters of Rahm Emanuel’s Old Ravenswood home but the arrival of news trucks, they told The Bulldog.

Rob and Lori Halpin have moved from the Old Ravenswood home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, clearing the way for the Emanuel family to return to the neighborhood. Credit: Patrick Boylan



The end of the tenancy of Halpin clears the way for the return of the Emanuel family. The move happened Thursday morning, according to news reports.

“The cigar-chomping Halpin’s refusal to end his $5,000 a month lease on that home early forced Emanuel to spend about $800,000 in legal fees defending his right to run for mayor,” the Chicago Sun-Times notes.

The Emanuel on display and available to any crank ordeal of the early election campaign made Emanuel a sympathetic figure in the eyes of many.

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Anyone looking for a tenant? Halpin moving out

Rob Halpin, the Ravenswood man who refused to give Rahm Emanuel his house back, is looking for new digs according to the Chicago Breaking News site.

“We’re looking at some places to move,” Halpin told the Chicago Tribune site hours after Rahm Emanuel had been sworn in.

“I do not have any regrets,” he said.

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O’Connor, Mell unopposed. Halpin will challenge Rahm

Ald. Pat O’Connor (D-Budlong Woods) and Richard Mell (D-Irving Park) are running unopposed as no candidate filed to run against the two veteran aldermen by the deadline today. However 12 persons filed for the open seat in the 46th Ward, promising an exciting race there.

O’Connor and Mell are among just three aldermen running unopposed in the 2011 election, the other alderman running unopposed is Brendan Reilly (42nd Ward).

Rob Halpin, the man who is renting Rahm Emanuel’s Old Ravenswood house, is opposing Emanuel for the seat of mayor. Halpin filed his petitions to run this afternoon. Twenty persons are currently running for mayor.


  • Brian Gorman
  • David M Pavlik
  • Scott Waguespack (Incumbent)
  • Peter V Diaz
  • Bryan P Lynch

44th Ward:

  • Thomas M Tunney (Incumbent)
  • David Winner


  • James Cappleman
  • Michael Carroll
  • Don Nowotny
  • Mary Anne “Molly” Phelan
  • Befekadu T Retta
  • Diane Shapiro
  • Andy W Lam
  • Emily Stewart
  • Marc Kaplan
  • Caitlin McIntyre
  • Janice V Thomas
  • Scott Baskin

47th Ward:

  • Eugene Schulter (Incumbent)
  • Matt Reichel
  • Ameya Pawar
  • Tom O’Donnell
  • Tom Jacks

48th Ward:

  • Patrick McDonough
  • Harry Osterman
  • Steven Chereska
  • Jose E Arteaga
  • Philip R Bernstein