Amundsen Varsity crushes Lake View 55-30

We’d like to give you more details, but the picture below is all the information we have on the Lake View players! Come on Lake View, who are your players? Pictures are nice, but we need names.

We’ve moved the game photos to The Welles park Bulldog FaceBook page.

Lake View did not complete its roster and hasn't sent information requested. How can you write without names?

The roster for the Amundsen team is complete.

Lake View JV fades against NorthSide Prep

Lakeview High School’s Junior Varsity team put up a valiant effort in eventually falling to the visiting Northside College Prep Mustangs.
The first half was dominated by defense as the score was rarely separated by more than a basket. In a flurry of rebounding and defense, each team raced the length of the floor seemingly over and over again, propelled towards the basket by good post defense and fast-footed guards. Lakeview’s #10 had a smooth relationship with the ball and continues to demonstrate fine ball-handling and passing abilities that should serve him well in the future.
Late in the third quarter, Northside Prep seemed to find its stride, opening up the score to 22-15 on strong shooting and a few second-chance points. Enter Lakeview sophomore #12, Johnny Threepoints. After draining a calm and steady three-pt shot to bring Lakeview within four points of tying the game, Lakeview’s defense took hold of the game and came within one point of beating the Mustangs on #32’s rebound and put-back from under the basket. The final in-bounds pass by Lakeview with less than two seconds left on the clock glanced off the intended players hands like a Chicago Bears pass, and the clock was run out by Northside.
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Gordon season ends in forfeit; Catholic League responds

Just out of reach. File photo, Photo Credit: Jane Rickard

Tuesday was a bad day for Gordon football. The Rams (5-5) turned in their equipment after forfeiting to Leo (5-6) in the Catholic League playoffs.

“I’m extremely disappointed because playing in the Prep Bowl was our goal,” admitted Gordon quarterback Julian Russell over the weekend after learning about the forfeit.
“I felt bad for the Gordon Tech people,” Leo head coach Mike Holmes said after learning his squad was reinstated to the playoffs. “I don’t think the coach at Gordon tried to break the rules. They broke a rule and that was the bottom line.”
Gordon beat Leo 14-8 on October 29 to advance to the second round of the Catholic League playoffs. The victory was overturned by the Catholic League on November 4.
The Rams forfeited for using two ineligible players in the win against the Lions. According to the bylaws of the Catholic League, freshmen are ineligible to participate in varsity games against league opponents. Freshmen are allowed to play in the state football playoffs.
Hales (7-4) beat Leo 20-12 last Saturday night.
Paul Rivas and Adrian Salinas came off the bench and played in a reserve role in the win over Leo at Luther North.
In an exclusive with The Welles Park Bulldog, league officials Jim Prunty and Jim Muting explained their decision on Tuesday.
“It’s a very unfortunate situation,” said Prunty who is currently the Athletic Director at St. Ignatius. “I feel bad for Gordon. Paul Chabura is an excellent athletic director and Bill Jeske is a good football coach.”
Prunty was the basketball coach at St Rita while Muting served as head varsity baseball coach at De La Salle.
“It was difficult to make this decision against Gordon,” said Muting who was interviewed on Tuesday afternoon. “I want to say that Paul Chabura (Gordon Athletic Director) does wonderful things for Gordon. He’s a top notch guy. As president of the Catholic League I had to follow what the league rules and bylaws are even though I might have disagreed with the actions taken in filing a protest. I have to leave my personal feelings out of it and have to deal with the rules and bylaws of the Catholic League.”
At an October 19 meeting for league officials Prunty and Muting claim that the Athletic Directorss were told that coaches couldn’t use freshmen in the upcoming Catholic League playoffs because of league rules.
“My athletic director is not an idiot,” said Gordon head football coach Bill Jeske. “Don’t you think he would have told me that freshmen couldn’t play in the Catholic League playoffs. I don’t think anybody is a better representative for Gordon than Paul Chabura (Gordon athletic director). There is nobody I respect more than that guy. Not once in my mind did I think that our AD made a mistake.”
Jeske also mentioned that he was told by Bishop McNamara High School head coach Rich Ziannini during a league meeting that freshmen could play in the Catholic League playoffs and not the regular season. The bylaw just states that freshmen are ineligible to play in varsity games against Catholic League opponents.
Chabura has decided not to comment on the situation for now.
Chabura told parents last week that Gordon was appealing the forfeit.
“Let me make it be perfectly clear that no one at Gordon played freshman to gain an unfair advantage,” stated Chabura in a letter last Friday to parents.
Unfortunately, this episode has become a soap opera. Prunty in an exclusive interview told The Bulldog that he told Leo Athletic Director Ed Adams that freshmen couldn’t play in the Catholic League playoffs. Leo was hoping to add a freshman quarterback to the roster.
Gordon added 13 freshmen for the rematch with Leo while the Lions added 10 sophomores. Leo beat Gordon 39-19 during the regular season.
“I just wish people would tell the truth,” added Jeske on this matter.
Jeske put the blame on himself over the weekend.
“I guess I am fault,” Jeske said on Saturday morning. “I should have checked the rules.”
Jeske is upset with Leo for filing a protest and with Prunty for not informing the school of his conversation with Adams comcerning freshmen participation in the Catholic League playoffs.
“I’d be disappointed if Gordon was blaming me for this debacle,” stated Prunty.
Prunty is disappointed with Leo filing a protest over two players who were just reserves and not starters and had no impact on the game.
“I am disappointed we got to this point,” Prunty said on Tuesday morning. “I would never do that to any school in our league. I wouldn’t have handled it that way. Neither kid had an impact on the game. It would be different if they scored a touchdown or rushed for 100 yards. They played seven downs.”
Based on conversations both on the record and off the record, three things have appeared to be true:

  • Gordon should have done a better job of checking the rules
  • Leo shouldn’t have filed a protest after losing
  • The Catholic League also should have done a better job of dealing with this issue as well since it cones up every season.

“I’m sure we are going to discuss it.” added Prunty on freshmen eligibility in Catholic League football.
“To be honest, according to the IHSA, freshman can play football,” said Muting. “We do have it on our agenda for our next meeting. We go through this issue every year with the Prep Bowl.”
“We are probably the only league in the state that doesn’t allow freshman to play on varsity,” added Holmes.
Jeske is also upset that Gordon’s reputation and his name has been hurt by this incident.
“To be called a liar and a cheater is not the way I was raised or how oI coach football,” Jeske stated before his final meeting with the Rams. I’m heartbroken. My name has been tarnished along with the great name of Gordon and Tom Winiecki.”

Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Take Out Brew City

The Chicago Outfit continue to impress.  After another early morning in Indianapolis, the Syndicate had to face two matches in one day to move onto the next round.  They seemed to have energy to burn though and they beat the Brew City Bruisers 129 to 103.  This now sets up a rematch with the Arch Rival Roller Girls in the final consolation match Sunday at 1:00.  Should be another exciting match!

Dunbar Cruises After Lane Tech Grabs Early Lead

Dunbar (4-3) visited Lane Tech (2-4) in Chicago Public League action on Friday, in what started off as a stalemate after the first quarter. Both teams were trying to figure each other out when Lane Tech scored in the second quarter on a run by running back Victor Gonzalez. Dunbar matched the Gonzalez TD with a score of their own and a 2-point conversion to take an 8-7 lead. After a 3-and-out by the Indians… Dunbar coughed the ball up on a 4th down punt to give the Indians great field position late in the 2nd quarter. Lane Tech would eventually score on a QB keeper down near the goal line by Indians QB Jack McLaughlin to take a 14-8 lead. After that score, the Dunbar defense stepped it up after making several encroachment penalties… and held the Indians scoreless the rest of the way, as their offense got red hot.

Dunbar QB Darvell Harris, WR/DB Jayton Dorsey and WR/DB Travon Harris put on a 3-man wrecking crew the rest of the way. Connecting on several long passes and even a defensive fumble recovery for a touchdown was all that the Lane Tech Indians could handle, as the score got out of hand in a hurry. After the 3rd quarter ended with a 36-14 lead, the Mighty Men of Dunbar added 20 more points in the 4th quarter which saw an acrobatic one-handed grab for a touchdown by senior Travon Harris to put an exclamation point on the victory. The final was 56-14. Photos taken by Jason Davis of the Welles Park Bulldog.

Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Advances in Consolation Bracket

The Chicago Outfit is proving to be the team to watch in this tournament even if you have to wake up early to do it.  Thanks to their seeding they have faced two days of 9 am games, but clearly it takes more than an early wake up call to keep the Outfit down.  With another strong showing from the Outfit fans, the Syndicate took on the number six seed Mad Rollin’ Dolls, and defeated them 159-128.

The match started off with Mad Rollin’ taking an early lead but the match was close throughout.  But then in the second period, the Outfit got a power jam and took enormous advantage of it, scoring with seeming impunity.  The Outfit gained the lead 102-79 and never looked back.

The Syndicate is moving onto the next round of the consolation bracket with a match at 3:00 PM against the Brew City Bruisers.

Monumental Mayhem: Windy City Gets Chicago’s Revenge

Earlier in the day, the Arch Rival Roller Girls narrowly defeated the Chicago Outfit, but their celebration was short lived.  The Windy City Rollers, the number one seed going into the tournament, easily defeated them 200-82.  Unfortunately for Arch Rival, being one of the lower seeds in the division, it meant they had to play two matches in one day, and the were visibly exhausted from the effort.  Still, after struggling in the first half, they did manage to find a fourth or fifth wind and put up more a fight in the second half .

After reclaiming Chicago’s honor this afternoon, Windy City will go on to face the winner of tonight’s Nap Town vs. Cincinnati match tomorrow night.


Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Falls to Arch Rival

After placing ninth in the WFTDA’s North Central rankings, the Chicago Outfit secured themselves a seed at this year’s North Central Regional tournament, Monumental Mayhem.  Not only would this be a first but with a victory in the first round of the tournament, the Outfit would face their Chicago rivals, Windy City, for the first time.  Alas, it wasn’t to be as the Outfit narrowly lost to the aptly named Arch Rival Roller Girls.

The match started off with Arch Rival getting out to an early lead but with some key penalties the Outfit was able to close the gap.  From there on it was a heated back and forth battle with neither team getting a lead big enough to rest comfortably on.  As the time wore down the final jam had Arch Rival in the lead with a solid eight point lead over the Outfit.

As the last jam got under way it seemed that Arch Rival was going to take lead jam, but a major penalty put Arch Rival’s jammer in the sin bin.  Seemingly the Outfit had the game in hand with plenty of time on the clock and two passes to win the game.  Credit to the Roller Girls though as they put up a strong defense that left the Outfit seemingly helpless to get the last three points that they needed.

At the end, the Outfit’s jammer ended up taking a major penalty in a last gasp effort to get the points they needed.  With that the Outfit’s fate was sealed, 119 to 116 and the sizable contingent of Outfit fans fell silent as the last seconds ticked off the clock.

WCR All Stars Crush the Wildfires

I suppose “extinguished” would have been the more appropriate term here, but no matter how you phrase it, the Windy City All Stars had an easy go of it last night against the San Diego Derby Dolls Wildfires.  It should be noted that the Wildfires are not a nationally ranked flat track team, but rather they are a hybrid team that mostly does banked track.  So taking on the first ranked team in the North Central region wasn’t supposed to be an easy match.

Early in the match the Wildfires managed to get 5 points.  That would be the  last time they scored until nearly the end of the half while the Rollers just kept scoring without mercy.  At half time it was 113 to 13 in favor of the All Stars and it only got worse from there for San Diego.  The final score was 256 to 22 which may very well be an all-time record for Windy City.