Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Take Out Brew City

The Chicago Outfit continue to impress.  After another early morning in Indianapolis, the Syndicate had to face two matches in one day to move onto the next round.  They seemed to have energy to burn though and they beat the Brew City Bruisers 129 to 103.  This now sets up a rematch with the Arch Rival Roller Girls in the final consolation match Sunday at 1:00.  Should be another exciting match!

Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Advances in Consolation Bracket

The Chicago Outfit is proving to be the team to watch in this tournament even if you have to wake up early to do it.  Thanks to their seeding they have faced two days of 9 am games, but clearly it takes more than an early wake up call to keep the Outfit down.  With another strong showing from the Outfit fans, the Syndicate took on the number six seed Mad Rollin’ Dolls, and defeated them 159-128.

The match started off with Mad Rollin’ taking an early lead but the match was close throughout.  But then in the second period, the Outfit got a power jam and took enormous advantage of it, scoring with seeming impunity.  The Outfit gained the lead 102-79 and never looked back.

The Syndicate is moving onto the next round of the consolation bracket with a match at 3:00 PM against the Brew City Bruisers.

Monumental Mayhem: Windy City Gets Chicago’s Revenge

Earlier in the day, the Arch Rival Roller Girls narrowly defeated the Chicago Outfit, but their celebration was short lived.  The Windy City Rollers, the number one seed going into the tournament, easily defeated them 200-82.  Unfortunately for Arch Rival, being one of the lower seeds in the division, it meant they had to play two matches in one day, and the were visibly exhausted from the effort.  Still, after struggling in the first half, they did manage to find a fourth or fifth wind and put up more a fight in the second half .

After reclaiming Chicago’s honor this afternoon, Windy City will go on to face the winner of tonight’s Nap Town vs. Cincinnati match tomorrow night.


Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Falls to Arch Rival

After placing ninth in the WFTDA’s North Central rankings, the Chicago Outfit secured themselves a seed at this year’s North Central Regional tournament, Monumental Mayhem.  Not only would this be a first but with a victory in the first round of the tournament, the Outfit would face their Chicago rivals, Windy City, for the first time.  Alas, it wasn’t to be as the Outfit narrowly lost to the aptly named Arch Rival Roller Girls.

The match started off with Arch Rival getting out to an early lead but with some key penalties the Outfit was able to close the gap.  From there on it was a heated back and forth battle with neither team getting a lead big enough to rest comfortably on.  As the time wore down the final jam had Arch Rival in the lead with a solid eight point lead over the Outfit.

As the last jam got under way it seemed that Arch Rival was going to take lead jam, but a major penalty put Arch Rival’s jammer in the sin bin.  Seemingly the Outfit had the game in hand with plenty of time on the clock and two passes to win the game.  Credit to the Roller Girls though as they put up a strong defense that left the Outfit seemingly helpless to get the last three points that they needed.

At the end, the Outfit’s jammer ended up taking a major penalty in a last gasp effort to get the points they needed.  With that the Outfit’s fate was sealed, 119 to 116 and the sizable contingent of Outfit fans fell silent as the last seconds ticked off the clock.

WCR All Stars Crush the Wildfires

I suppose “extinguished” would have been the more appropriate term here, but no matter how you phrase it, the Windy City All Stars had an easy go of it last night against the San Diego Derby Dolls Wildfires.  It should be noted that the Wildfires are not a nationally ranked flat track team, but rather they are a hybrid team that mostly does banked track.  So taking on the first ranked team in the North Central region wasn’t supposed to be an easy match.

Early in the match the Wildfires managed to get 5 points.  That would be the  last time they scored until nearly the end of the half while the Rollers just kept scoring without mercy.  At half time it was 113 to 13 in favor of the All Stars and it only got worse from there for San Diego.  The final score was 256 to 22 which may very well be an all-time record for Windy City.

WCR Second Wind Fights to the Finish

Saturday night featured more derby action from the Windy City Rollers at the UIC Pavillion.  The first match of the double-header had the Windy City Roller’s Second Wind taking on the Ohio Roller Girls, who brought a mix of their A and B team players.  While the match may have been the opening act for the night, it definitely played like a headliner, going down to to the last jam to determine the winner.

The Second Wind got out of the gate early, jumping ahead to a 35-14 lead in the 11th jam.  From there though it got really interesting as the Roller Girls started a scoring run and tied it up at 36 a few jams later.  From there Second Wind pulled back ahead to finish the first half at 64-40.

The second half though saw the Roller Girls continuing to chip away at Second Wind’s lead and then finally take control leading by 14 points, 121-107 as the clock wound down towards the two minute mark.  At this point, all the Roller Girls had to do was get lead jammer and then run down the clock, but Windy City refused to surrender.  The Second Wind got lead jam, scored another 5 points, and then once more for another 3, bringing them within one grand slam of tying it up.

Unfortunately for the Second Wind, they had to go to the well one too many times and weren’t able to get lead jammer again.  Ohio ran down the clock with a final score of 116-121.


Outfit Syndicate vs. Burning River

Last night, the Chicago Outfit’s Syndicate team, currently ranked 9th in the North Central division took on the 15th ranked Burning River.  While the odds were in the Syndicate’s favor, it seemed that Burning River wasn’t about to let the Outfit walk away with an easy victory.

The Syndicate got out to an early 20-8 lead, but then Burning River started making the game a lot more interesting.  The gap closed quickly and Burning River took a 32-27 lead as the Syndicate suffered some critical penalties.  It was close, competitive, and both teams were being very physical.

As the match wound down towards the end of the first half, the Syndicate got back into the game and by the time the half ended, they’d pulled ahead to a 51-33 lead.  After the turnaround, it was all down hill for Burning River with the Outfit scoring in jam after jam.  After looking like a potentially competitive game, the final score ended up being a blow out, 167 to 53.

Windy City Rollers All Stars vs. Steel City Derby Demons

The second match of the night featured the Windy City Rollers All Stars competing against the East region’s sixth ranked team, the Steel City Derby Demons, from Pittsburgh.  The match featured some of the hardest hitting competition to grace UIC pavilion since the beginning of the season.  The Roller were favored to win, but the Demons had no plans to make it easy for them.

The match started out close with the rollers ahead 24-12, about half way into the first period.  But slowly the Rollers were able to extend the lead to 70-38 by halft time.  A solid lead to be sure, but one that could easily dissipate with a couple critical penalties.

In the second half, Windy City, maintained the lead but struggled to extend it.  They looked to be pulling away, gaining a lead of 40+ points with only 11 minutes left in the second period, but then it started to get interesting.  Key penalties and some solid play by the Demons brought them back to with 20 points as time began to run out in the period.

Going into the last jam, the Demons needed to get the lead jam to have a chance, and did, but the rollers were able to get their jammer through the pack too.  So while the Demons were able to rack up some points, the All Stars kept doing the same leading to a final score of 143-117 in favor of Windy City.

Windy City Rollers Second Wind vs. Wall Street Traitors

It was derby night in Chicago again Saturday night with the Windy City Rollers competing in their travel team home debut.  The first match of the night featured this year’s battle for the Skyline cup, a rivalry between Windy City and the Gotham Roller Girls.  Traditionally the cup has been fought for by the each city’s all star team, but this season the Second Wind took on the Wall Street Traitors to see who would get gloating rights until next season.

The Second Wind leapt out to an early 37-1 lead and then continued to build on it through the entire match.  By half time a blow out was clearly in the offing as the Second Wind pulled away to a 101-31 lead.  Try as they might, the Traitors never gained much ground and the Second Wind sealed the deal with a 166-77 victory.

Windy City Rollers 5/21 – Manic Attackers vs. Double Crossers

Saturday may not have been the end of the world, but for the Double Crossers, it was the end of a very difficult season.  This season they lost a lot of veteran players, were plagued by injuries, and then there was the unexpected passing of Yvonne Johnson Hammer just as the season kicked off.  That they were competing short handed last night just seemed to put the final exclamation point on the only losing season in the Double Crossers history.

The game was a blowout from the beginning.  By half time it was 93-12 in favor of the Manic Attackers, and it only got worse from there with a final score of 35-238.  Credit to the Double Crossers for putting in a good effort, but there has to be some relief that this season is largely at a close.  They’ll face the Hell’s Belles in the Ivy King Cup consolation match on June 18th and then look forward to an offseason where they can rebuild and come out swinging next season.